With a Vision to transform the world of algo trading

TradeRays has committed itself to bringing the latest technology to retail traders by innovating premium products and revolutionizing the financial trading industry.

 Light Bulb Movement of TradeRays

  We had decided to create something unique and innovative product to help traders reap more profits without any hassle.

Our PoC was Ready 

  Technical feasibility and Proof of concept were completed for beginning of our products and services.


 Roll out of BETA version

  Reached a breaking milestone of private beta platform to introduce our innovative idea to Indian traders

BeATS public access 

  Our BeATS cloud platform public access opened for all traders


We're passionate and driven by AI

Automation and computing has brought about tremendous changes in trading and investing activities in India and around the world. The latest tools of technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, have replaced many human tasks, resulting in low error rates and a high margin of success. As a traders ourselves we understand the difficulties of an individual trader to get access for these AI technologies for algo trading. At Trade Rays, keeping these issues in mind, we decided to create something unique and innovative product to help traders reap more profits without any hassle. That's how the idea of Trade Rays conceptualized in 2016 to become as India's premier cloud based artificial intelligence algo trading service provider.

When we first thought about introducing this innovative concept in Indian financial markets, the primary focus for our products and services was to be extremely user-friendly. As a result now you can take your algo live within few minutes in three simple steps. You just have to personalize your algo strategy, examine statistics by running back tests and deploy your algo to find trading signals. All of us associated with Trade Rays have many years of experience working as financial intermediaries and traders backed with experience of Software Industry.

An innovation like none other

As a cloud-based artificial intelligence algo trading service provider, Trader Rays brings state-of-the-art innovation to the trading industry. We use our combined experience in financial software technology and stock trading to build innovative, intelligent tools for ease of trading. Trade Rays provides all the necessary data and the tools required for you to configure strategies and make intelligent decisions. Our modern, intuitive AI platform is for everyone from individual traders to trading brokers. Our technologies are extremely user-friendly and don't require coding or any upfront setup to get going.

Experience Seamless Trading with BeATS™, a Platform Par Excellence

At Trade Rays, we use the latest technologies, including cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and cloud capabilities, to execute superior strategies with low latency, high-frequency algorithmic trading. Along with our unique trading platform called BeATS™ or Beam Algo Trading System™, we offer various products and services to enhance your trading experience.

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BeATS™ Platform
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