Frequently Asked Questions

We are a India's next-generation FinTech company driven by artificial intelligence. Trade Rays is an algorithmic trading service backed by a team of competent technocrats whose only aim is to help make your algo strategies come to life and help you realize profits.
Trade Rays have years of rich experience with the financial markets. At Trade Rays, IQ always takes precedence over EQ. Our use of technology ensures that trades are not made emotionally and that our clients always reap the maximum benefits possible from their investments. Our technological expertise helps us keep maintenance and transactional costs at a minimum. This is a benefit that we pass on to our clients. In addition, we do not charge any upfront fees unlike traditional strategy development companies.
Algo trading refers to Algorithmic or Quantitative trading. This is also known as automated trading or black box trading. This form of trading uses computer programs to trade systematically over an extended period of time. These computer programs follow certain preset rules that help place trades at the right time to generate high returns. These rules are based on an analysis of the price, quantity, timing etc. of mathematical models of the financial market. By eliminating emotions, Algo trading helps place trades that would be very difficult for humans. For example, a computer program could be used across 30 stocks to buy them at a 20 day high and sell then at a 10 day low. Algo trading also allows customers to maintain a control over costs and complete transparency. The key to generating maximum profits with Algo trading lies in making systematic investments and consistently following the rules.
Algo trading can be used for intraday trading depending on the strategies you have decided to configure.
BeATS™ is an Algo trading platform provided by Trade Rays that offers 100% systematic, disciplined and algo trading. The customer can configure the strategy and the system will monitor the markets accordingly. When the conditions are met, BeATS™ will notify via registered channels like web, email and sms.Optionally user can execute the orders directly in DEMAT via once click trade buttons.
Getting started with the BeATS™ software is easy. Open the Trade Rays website and enter your name, email id and phone number on the signup window. Alternatively, you could drop us an email at One of our customer care representatives will get in touch with you to take the process forward. To start trading, you may use your existing broker account or set up an account with our broker channel partners. Once the account has been opened, transfer the capital you wish to invest and we will give you the perfect platform to configure your strategies.
A number of brokers like Upstox RKSV Securities India Pvt. Ltd are compatible with Algo trading. More brokers will be made compatible with this platform in stages.
The beauty of the BeATS™ trading platform is that our customers need no training or experience in coding to make a profit. All you need to do is create a strategy you would like to follow.
No, you do not need to be online throughout the day. Once your algo has been created, our system will give you updates on the basis of your strategy. You may then perform the transaction.
The brokerage rate for Algo trading orders is the same as your existing brokerage charges.
Yes, the BeATS™ Trading Platform works with mobile apps as well as on the desktop.
A crash in the market is every trader's nightmare. However, with Algo trading, you need not worry. Our systems and brokers have precautions built into them to limit your risk. In the event of pricing that moves against the investments, protective stop-loss orders will begin to run and liquidating orders will be put in place. This helps limit your exposure.
All investments made with our Algo trading are in safe hands. The entire capital invested in held with an SEBI registered broker. Trade Rays does not charge any additional fees except a subscription fee. Thus, the customer holds complete control over his or her investment.
Trade Rays is your technology partner for long term investments. We are not money managers. Our system is completely transparent and gives you backend connectivity to the exchange. For all practical purposes, Trade Rays is only a vendor and the customer himself runs the Algo from the broker's end.