BeATS™ — Beam Algo Trading System

With our innovation-first approach, we created products that makes algo trading simple and convenient for all retail customers.You will find our products and services extremely user-friendly.Our in-house BeATS™ platform takes trading to the next level. It's a next-generation HTML5 algo trading platform powered by artificial intelligence with an elegant UI which offers strategy customization and advanced backtesting, among many other features that make investing your money in stocks the best part of your investment portfolio. This sleek software is compatible with web, mobile (Android and iOS) and tablet. With no upfront setup or coding required, this intuitive AI trading platform is all you need to launch strategies in minutes.


Our web-based trading platform has an elegant UI, streams relevant market data, and rich set of technical indicators and many more features to make trading a successful investment as well as an experience.

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BeATS Mobile

On-the-go trading is now possible with BeATS Mobile. This next-generation trading platform is all you need now for faster trading.