Redefining trading with the power of artificial intelligence

Are you looking for a reliable service provider that offers a trading software that helps you take wise trading decisions? Do you want to reduce operational costs and enhance efficiency by opting for innovative technologies? Leverage your profits by choosing Trade Rays, a renowned cloud-based artificial intelligent algo-trading service provider. We pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in financial markets. Using our exceptional platform, you will be able to spend less time to track, monitor, and take trading decisions.

Algorithemic Trading

We have created a superior, game-changing platform for algorithmic trading to help you get the most out of your investment. Based on your preference, you can initiate a trade using pre-set quantitative indicators or the market's arbitrage opportunities.

Automated Trading

Everytime the algo triggers an order, it is executed automatically without the need for any manual intervention. What's more, we can also help in setting up a separate cloud VM for automated order execution. Our algo trading service is an epitome of efficiency at its best.

Strategy Customization

You can get the best of our trading platform even if you aren't familiar with coding, which applies to customizing strategies too. You can customize and execute your strategies as and when you want. Our platform is supported by our very own application called BeATS, which allows easy customization on the go. Our application captures market trends based on which you can build or modify strategies for achieving optimal benefits and enhanced trading.

Strategy Migration

Our artificial intelligence-driven tools support your strategies as efficiently as they help you create new ones. Our strategy migration services help you in migrating your existing strategies, such as AmbiBroker AFL, Pine Scripting, Python Code, etc., to our trading platform and implementing specific strategies on the platform. What's more, if you feel your strategy is too complex, you can reach out to us-our team will help you migrate it seamlessly.

Technical Advisory

Unlike luck-based trading, AI-based trading has more chances of success, which is why we make it a point to keep you informed of trading opportunities at all times. As soon as our AI system or team of professionals detect an opportunity, we will communicate it to you or offer relevant advice using different communication channels, including e-mail, SMS, or online web notifications.